Rhapis excelsa grower

ASA Indonesia is Indonesia’s largest grower
and exporter of  the lady-palm Rhapis excelsa

We have decades of experience propagating and nursing green plants

Our total nursery facility is 3 hectares in actual size. 2 hectares are under high-quality shading netting, ensuring an optimal environment for the plants.

Basically, we are your specialist Rhapis excelsa grower in Indonesia

ASA nursery
Bedding of 2 1/2 years old old Rhapis excelsa
One stop solution for Rhapis excelsa

Take a walk in... our nursery!

What we do (best)

The expression is “nobody is perfect!”; that is so true! Therefore we are trying to do our very best doing the following:


We are specialist in growing Rhapis excelsa aka the "lady Palm" or Palem Waregu. And we love it!


It sounds easy but loading and exporting container-loads of plants requires more than just (wo)men power!


Between growing Rhapis and exporting them, we drink coffee. Gallons of it :-)!

This is what we are growing...

Rhapis excelsa potted from single-seed-size up to gigasize!

Weekly Statics

Yes, its shocking!

Hours of planting (x100)
All varieties 48%
(re-)potting (x100)
Miscelanious dimensions 41%
Cuttings grass & weeds (x100 m2)
Including elephant grass 44%
Liters of water sprayed (x100/day)
From our own well 60%

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Because only “with a Palm, you will become calm”